Add cash tournaments to your game.

Increase revenue and engagement for your game.


Competition creates dedicated players

For each player who plays a tournament:

minutes longer session time

Lower churn

avg. Monthly Revenue generated

Estimate your revenue:
Monthly Users 167
% users convert to real stakes games 50

Present popup


Start Game

func triumphGameDidStart() {
     // TODO: start your game!

Report Result

Triumph.gameOver(score: gameScore)

Build with simplicity in mind

Free to integrate
Headless integration
Managed Backend
Under 40 megabytes

Real stakes enhances your existing monetization

and outperforms it

Small amount of revenue per user
Substantially increases churn
Players hate it
‘$2.99’ eliminate ad option caps out
In-app purchases
Dependent on the game
Comes from power users
Pay to win defeats purpose
Real Stakes games
Power users will opt in
Substantially increase in player engagement/ creates power users
Substantial increase in revenue
Can coexist with other monetization

Features players love and trust

Players everywhere of all ages can play for free - the SDK will check if someone is eligible to deposit automatically (location & age)

— Leaderboards
— Play real people
— Great Matchmaking
— Match Replays

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